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Computer Services

Data Recovery

Did your computer fail without having a proper backup? We have the ability to sometimes recover your critical data from a crashed machine.


If we are unable to get to the information we have several partner companies that can retrieve your information for more serious drive malfunctions. 

If we are unable to recover your drive and require a third party partner company to do it we forego our charges and only charge at the rate at which our partner requires for recovery.

Computer Setup

Did you purchase a new machine and notice it has a lot of unwanted software? We are happy to help you setup your new machine and if your new to computers we will help train you on simple items to help you get a better understanding of how it works. \


Often times new machines have junk software that bog it down, even fresh out of the box. We will remove pre-installed junk software, install any software you may need *with your purchased licenses. And for our business licenses we can create your network shares.

Data Transfer

Did you purchase a new machine or do you want to backup your current machine to an external drive? We can transfer all of your personal data and files from your old machine to your new or to a external hard drive for backup purposes so you can have a peace of mind when it comes to your information.

In addition to transferring your files we are happy to install your critical software on your new machine, just bring your license or subscription information with.

If your purchase one of our custom computers this service is provided free of charge! If you have your own but still want the data transferred it falls in the labor rates below.

Computer Recycling

Not sure what to do with your old computer but feel uneasy about having your information thrown in the trash for everybody to grab? As a free service we offer free electronics and computer recycling. We will pull your personal data and destroy it to ensure it won't fall into the wrong hands. 

Rates to fix it!

Base Rate:                            $55.00

Typical Charge:                   $75.00

Maximum Labor:                $150.00

*If replacement parts are needed they will be billed separately.


If your device is beyond repair or the cost is too high vs the value of the device, there will be no charge. We are proud to say we stand by our work and if you aren't satisfied with the repair, simply let us know and we will be sure to make it right and resolve the issue in a timely manner.